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Professional Tree Pruning By Felton's Gardeners in Liverpool

Got a tree in your garden that's blocking the light from your windows? Tree branches starting to overhang a neighbour's property? Call in this handy service for tree pruning in Liverpool and wave goodbye to all these sorts of problems. Felton's Gardeners provide you with a service which is:

Carried out by Felton's professionals using the latest equipment. Safe - and completely convenient. And which is ideal for almost any size of tree you could have in your back or front garden, in any property.

Call 020 3746 5446 or fill in our contact form now to get chatting to a helpful customer care adviser. You can find out more information about the details we'll need when you make your booking at the foot of the page.

The Advantages of This Service For Tree Trimming in Liverpool:

  • Any trees up to 65 feet (20 metres) in height can be handled with no trouble
  • All tree surgeons are skilled and experienced professionals, CRB-checked and insured
  • Specialised equipment in use at all times
  • Your tree trimming in Liverpool is not an hourly-based service - you pay only for the work you need done
  • Appointment available Monday-Sunday
  • Choose an early appointment starting at 8:00 am, or a late one starting at 6:30 pm.
  • We work in all weathers, so there's no trouble even if it's wet!

More Details About Your Tree Pruning Services

Because you'll be given the chance to chat to your team of experienced tree surgeons about the tree pruning services you're getting in Liverpool in person, you can always be sure of getting the results you want.

Do you need to encourage your trees to stay small? To grow in a certain direction? Do you need to keep them healthy? Or even get them to grow more fruit?

Your service will always begin with that all-important chat, an onsite assessment, and a confirmation of the price you were quoted over the phone. Simple.

Booking Your Professional Tree Care

Here's the information that we'll need to take from you when you're making your booking:

  1. We'll need to know how many trees you have, and what size they are
  2. You'll need to tell us exactly what kind of professional tree care you need - cutting back, pruning, shaping...
  3. We'll need you to confirm that we'll have access to the tree (and permission) if it's in your neighbour's garden
  4. You'll need to make sure we have easy access to your trees, and a place to put the green waste if it's in your garden

And that's it! Give us a call any time you want to book - we're here 24/7.