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Felton's Gardeners in Liverpool You Can Trust to Get the Work Done

Imagine hiring gardeners in Liverpool knowing that you'd get the exact service you need. One that's carried out by Felton's trained and fully qualified professionals. And delivered only after an onsite viewing where you can show your gardening team precisely what you want to get done...

Need to improve your outside space? Want to get some general care for your grass or flower beds? We've got the experts you need to take care of everything - including qualified tree surgeons for trees up to 65 feet in height.

Our round-the-clock phone support is available on 020 3746 5446. Plus you can contact us online using our booking form. However you decide to do it, you'll find an expert ready to chat to you about your plans for your garden. You'll always get a no-obligation onsite viewing, followed by a quote delivered either on the spot or within three working days, depending on your service.

Get All This When You Get Garden Landscaping in Liverpool From Felton's Gardeners:

  • Your garden landscapers in Liverpool will always be highly qualified, experienced, and CRB-checked professionals
  • Charges arranged by the hour for garden maintenance, and by the job for garden landscaping - so you always know what you'll pay
  • Equipment on-hand that's ideal for whatever service you need - whether basic garden maintenance or advanced tree surgery
  • Get an appointment time that's right for you every time - we start at 8:00 am and offer a final appointment at 6:30 pm
  • Conditions outside won't slow us down. Expecting rain? We keep working!
  • You get to talk to an expert onsite before your service starts without obligation - so you always get the results that you're looking for

Your Gardening Services - Your Options

You can use us for one of two different types of gardening services in Liverpool - maintenance and landscaping. Those under the former heading are for ongoing or one-off care and tidying of your garden space, while those under the latter are for any additional features or remodelling you need to get done:

  • Garden maintenance - get your lawn mowed, your leaves collected, your flower beds weeded, and more besides, with this service for all garden maintenance and tidying.
  • Garden design and landscaping - there's not much that our garden landscaping options can't include. This could be building decking, patios, pathways, laying turf, and a wide array of other projects.

How to Book Your Gardening in Liverpool

This is how we've found it easiest to deliver the sort of reliable and fully accountable service that you deserve:

  1. Call to tell us what you need, or send us your details online
  2. We can arrange an onsite booking at the time that's best for you - for garden maintenance we can then start work immediately once you agree
  3. Your onsite consult lets you tell your team exactly what you want to get done - in person
  4. If you're ordering landscaping, you'll receive a quote within three working days
  5. Your service for gardening in Liverpool then starts whenever it's best for you